My name is Rebecca Brown. I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky and I’m currently working in Los Angeles, California. My work includes painting, illustration, and design. I graduated from ArtCenter College of Design with a BFA in Illustration and minor in Research. I was the recipient of the Honors Fellowship following my graduation. I’m online at @rebeccagalsek and you can reach me at contact(at)

Source Material Issue 05: Ways of Mapping

9”x12” brick red folder, vellum content dividers, multi-colored sheets 

release party exclusive: broadsheet poster, custom 16 oz Nalgene bottle

Editorial Team: Aldon Chen, Elliana Lee, Nick Rheem, Rebecca Brown, Ruby Kim, Sean Nagao
From etchings on ancient clay tablets to Medieval atlases to Google Earth, maps have played an essential role in the way humanity has navigated, visualized, and represented the world 
we occupy. It is because of these functions that maps have 
also been historically utilized and deployed by dominant powers wanting to preserve their status quo by instantiating and reinforcing a certain dogmatic way of seeing the world.

For Issue 05: Ways of Mapping, Source Material collaborated with ArtCenter students and alumni to explore and examine how maps have influenced and continue to influence the way we witness the world around us. The publication stands as a document and a celebration of nuance and individual subjectivity, inviting new modes of cartography that emphasize each person’s singular experience of the world rather than how it’s presented to us.

The release of Issue 05 was an event held at the Sculpture Garden at ArtCenter College of design, including a scavenger hunt and an installation that held 500 copies of the publication.

For Issue 05, I co-designed the publication, hand-drew type for the vellum content dividers, and illustrated the broadsheet poster.

Source Material Issue 04: Faces

metallic mailer
5”x9” 62-page double-sided spiral bound

Editorial Team: Aldon Chen, Jaiwon Lee, Nick Rheem, Rebecca Brown, Ruby Kim, Sahar Habashi, Sean Nagao
Faces play a big role in the way that we see ourselves and how others see us, but they hardly ever tell the full story. Source Material invited students and alumni to share depictions of themselves in any form. Does this take the form of a ballpoint drawing? A 3D rendering? A collage of meaningful objects? A curated selfie? A poem? A texture? A color?

Source Material's Issue 04: Faces considers how we might envision, conceptualize, capture, and/or visualize the way that we see ourselves or how we want others to see ourselves.

The release of Issue 04 was an event including an installation that held 500 copies of the publication and an activity wall.

For Issue 04, I developed handdrawn type for use and stickers, led budget, editing, and overall project management.

Source Material Issue 03: Safe Spaces

frosted mailer
5”x8” 73-page perfect-bound book
laser-cut acrylic keychain

Editorial Team: Aldon Chen, Evelyn Luu, Howard Hsu, Jaiwon Lee, Nick Rheem, Rebecca Brown, Sahar Habashi, Sean Nagao
A safe space is comforting and allows you to be your most authentic self. What is a safe space to you? Is it your childhood bedroom? Your local library? The venue you went to when you were a hard-rocking moshing teen? Maybe it’s your finsta that has 10 of your closest friends following it. Any safe space, whether digital or physical, is welcome.

Source Material's Issue 03: Safe Spaces explores the concept of any safe space, whether digital or physical, person or place.

The release of Issue 03 was an event including an installation that held 600 copies of the publication.

For Issue 03, I developed the theme of Safe Spaces, direction for the installation, led budget, editing during the final stages of production, and overall project management. Being able to publish a third issue that featured work by students and alums was important to me because of the opportunity to uplift the ArtCenter community.

Source Material Summer Series: From—Memory

8.5”x5.5”x3.5” 365-page calendar
hand-painted book slip

Editorial Team: Aldon Chen, Evelyn Luu, Howard Hsu, Jaiwon Lee, Nick Rheem, Rebecca Brown, Sahar Habashi, Sean Nagao
Hot air pumps against your skin and the smell of chlorine and dried grass permeate your nostrils–everyone has that one unforgettable summer, so tell us about yours. What comes to your mind when you think about ‘summer memories’? Think about a place you’ve ingrained in your memory, a distinct experience, or a moment of vulnerability encapsulating what ‘summer’ means to you.

Based on summer memories, the project explores how an artifact can be experienced nontraditionally. By encouraging individuals to rip a page at the event, it demonstrated that participants belong to this very experience.

After the founding editors graduated, Evelyn Luu and I recruited new editors from Product Design, and Undergraduate and Graduate Graphic Design. The idea of the “Summer Series” came from wanting to maintain a presence on campus as well as introducing new editors to Source Material. 

I presented the idea of a tear-off calendar format since the theme focused on memories, designed 83 out of 365 pages, oversaw production and event planning, designed a custom typeface, and handpainted the book slip.