From etchings on ancient clay tablets to Medieval atlases to Google Earth, maps have played an essential role in the way humanity has navigated, visualized, and represented the world 
we occupy. It is because of these functions that maps have 
also been historically utilized and deployed by dominant powers wanting to preserve their status quo by instantiating and reinforcing a certain dogmatic way of seeing the world. [Source Material, Issue 05: Ways of Mapping, Broadsheet poster illustrations]

The New Beverly Cinema is a historic movie theater focused on the craft of film. Inspired by my love for movies and the theater’s motivation to preserve film, I created an identity system that calls back to analog mediums, like film and traditional typesetting. [New Beverly Cinema, Visual Identity, Movie Ticket]

Faces play a big role in the way that we see ourselves and how others see us, but they hardly ever tell the full story. Does this take the form of a ballpoint drawing? A curated selfie? A poem? [Source Material, Issue 04: Faces, handdrawn type for use and label]
graphite, acrylic wash, on paper, 24 x 32”

There is an art to watching movies with subtitles—a way to test your multitasking skills on how to read quickly enough not to miss the moment but not fast enough to spoil the story. Dancer is a sans-serif font inspired by reading movie subtitles. [Dancer, Font Design]

acrylic on intaglio etching, on BFK Rives, 5.5 x 7.5”

acrylic and pastels, on Arches, 10 x 14”

Hot air pumps against your skin and the smell of chlorine and dried grass permeate your nostrils. Based on summer memories, the project explores how an artifact can be experienced nontraditionally. By encouraging individuals to rip a page at the event, it demonstrated that participants belong to this very experience. [Source Material, Summer Series: From–Memory, hand-painted book slip, custom type]
acrylic on two mud-flaps

Similar to an image association test, responses were collected after individuals were shown a set of ten illustrations. Pierre Bordieu’s theory of habitus posits that each individual’s way of being is driven by their life experiences. This extends to our taste for cultural objects. [Habitus, Publication and web, illustrations]


My work includes painting and design.



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ArtCenter College of Design, Honors Term Fellow
ArtCenter College of Design, BFA Illustration, Research Minor


My work includes painting and design. 
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